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Monday, 02 January 2012 18:00

I Was There And Now I Am Here

Written by  Bill Tucker

By Bill Tucker

BillTucker_2010Dogs do not possess the sense of time: they are as happy to see their master after a five-minute or five-hour absence. They live in the present and there is no interlude between being “there” and being “here.” The intervening time doesn’t pass; to a dog it never happened.

With age, I become more dog-like in that time passes so fast it is as if it never occurred: I was there and now I am here.

I always look forward to taking a treadmill stress test as an opportunity to demonstrate my good health. Last December when I began my routine test, I knew I would pass with flying colors. Five minutes into the exam I answered “no” when the doctor surprisingly inquired if I had been suffering from chest pains. A few seconds later he stopped the test and told me I needed to undergo a heart catheterization. I questioned, “Can the procedure wait until after the first of the year?” “No,” he responded, “If it were me, I would do it tomorrow.”

I exercise every day, my cholesterol is low and my blood pressure is under control; I was shocked to learn the possibility of a problem with my heart.

I was shocked, but my wife Terri was terrified. She wanted me to stop all activities and lie around the house and avoid stress until after the procedure. Despite her strong faith, she still feared and prepared herself for the worst. We spent a stressful week waiting for the catheterization to take place.

The procedure lasted only twenty minutes; they found a couple of veins with minor blockage and no arterial blockages—the stress test had produced a false positive. However, the scare occasioned a turning point in Terri’s and my lives. We realized good health couldn’t last forever, and if I want to do something different, my time to do so is limited.

In 1992 I said yes when Bill Carson called and asked if I would go to work for the Florida Building Material Association. I was there and now I am here—I am ready to move on; and the association needs to trim expenses.

In January of last year, I announced to the FBMA leadership that I would leave the association at the end of 2012. This past month, we reached an agreement to move my departure up. I will provide consultation and support through this coming March but my active employment as the FBMA president is now over.

I have worn many hats: a sub-contractor, an innkeeper, the marketing director of an insurance fund, and an association executive. Over my career, the happiest years have been those spent with FBMA.

During my twenty years with the association, I have been privileged to work for some great leaders, and I am grateful for their guidance and mentoring. During this time I made friends,
with whom I share wonderful memories. I have worked with and grown to respect and love colleagues from across the nation. I will be eternally grateful for the time spent working with the wonderful people who make up the building supply industry.

I was there and now I am here; it is as if the intervening years never took place. I am not aware of what the future will bring. I do know the time has come for me to move in a different direction. The truth is change occurs through action; as American screen actor Charles Bixton is quoted as saying, “You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.”

Contact: Bill Tucker, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Phone: 407-797-0190

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